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The Layman Investor

Investing Tips and Content for the Mainstreet Investor

Hi there and welcome to my blog, The Layman Investor, where I'll cover everything the Main Street investor needs to know when investing in the market.


This blog and the content shared here is really dedicated to those of us (myself included) who are not Wealth Managers, Stock-Brokers, or Financial Wizards. We don't know how to read complicated graphs about the yield curve. We didn't spend thousands of dollars getting certified from MIT, Harvard, or any other college to learn about buying and selling stocks, predicting market swings, hedging against inflationary pressure in China, and everything else that goes on in the complicated world of financial markets. No, we went to school to become doctors, lawyers, teachers, marketing professionals, HR analysts, accountants, actors (like ME), athletes. Some of us didn't even go to college. We work trade jobs. We're plumbers, electricians, carpenters. Whoever you are or whatever job you have, it does not mean you're not capable of putting your money in the market and reaping the benefits from the growth of the American economy.


This blog is dedicated to those of us on Main Street. People like you and me who have a vested interest in our own financial future and are willing to do the work and learn the simple tools to getting there successfully.


Main Street Investors (AKA Layman Investors or Passive Investors) cannot use the same methodology as our Wall Street counterparts when investing. WE SIMPLY DON'T HAVE THE TIME. Between family obligations, demanding jobs, and social gatherings there's no time for us to figure out if the market is going to go up, down, sideways or in circles.  And even the brokers on Wall Street, the "experts" don't know either!! SO, we, The Main Street Investors, need to have a different methodology when looking to invest in the market that not only reduces our risk, but keeps us away from constantly looking at the movements of the market.

I want to preface that I am not a Wall Street Broker or Financial Wizard. I'm an actor that happens to have a passion for personal investing. When I make money from my acting work (hopefully soon) I want to have the tools and knowledge of knowing how to invest my earnings so that in due time I can be financially independent and not have to worry about getting acting gigs or other jobs just to pay rent and live the life I want, but instead do those jobs because I want to and love to do them. I'm sure many of you can relate.


I want to invite you all on this journey with me, so that we can learn together. With enough patience, discipline, and a little common sense we can be on our way to creating an investment portfolio that will be providing us with passive income for years to come.