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I HAVE to write this Blog post and share an amazing experience with you all. I mean, at this point, it would be absolutely selfish of me not to share an amazing opportunity that I am currently taking advantage of and you should too!'s actually only pertinent to those of you that want to set yourself on a path of extreme self improvement and progress.

This Blog Post is really for those of you that want to create a second source of income through an online business and be the masters of your own universe. If that's not you then "keep scrolling" as they say...

Let's first take a hard look at the current state of the world. We've been in some type of self-quarantine/lockdown situation for the better part of 7 months now. Small and Big businesses are suffering. In fact, I just had a friend who got laid off last week! I have other friends who are currently furloughed with no income coming in!

Is this something you're currently experiencing or may be at risk of experiencing?

"The times, they are a changin..."

If it is something you are experiencing then listen up!

I am taking part in an amazing challenge that's teaching me, day after day, about how to build a sustainable, flourishing business online.

Now if you're like me and know nothing about building a successful business, then here's a brief rundown of necessities to accomplish just that.

  • Writing Sales Copy

  • Building Sales Funnels

  • Building Traffic

  • Building Email Lists

  • Picking a product

  • Creating Offers

  • Fostering Relationships with Customers/Clients

And these are the skills that this challenge teaches you:

  • Writing Sales Copy

  • Building Sales Funnel

  • Building Traffic

  • Building Email Lists

  • Picking a product

  • Creating Offers

  • Fostering Relationships with Customers/Clients


I'm literally being taught the ABC's of entrepreneurship from people who have A) built several successful businesses online that have made 6-7 figures and B) have been doing this for decades!! Suffice to say I'm in good hands.

Again this blog post is for those of you who are serious about creating a side hustle that can help your current financial woes in these unprecedented times. If you want a vetted, fool proof plan of how to make money online, then you want to take this challenge.

But, If you want to keep searching for the magical formula on your own and waste more of your time then please stop reading....

After all, it takes guts to be stupid...

The ONE FUNNEL AWAY CHALLENGE is a 30 day challenge in which you will go from knowing nothing about online biz to launching and creating your very own offer through a sales funnel!

A week in, and I'm already convinced the $100 investment was well worth it.

Let me give you a run down on what I've learned one week into the challenge so far:

Week 1--Belief and Mindset

Everyday in the first week is really considered pre-training. The team at Clickfunnels spends the entire first week preparing our mindset for the challenge ahead.

They do this because after all without a great mindset, nothing can get done. That's just the truth and you guys know how much I believe in mindset especially when it comes to creating wealth.

Each day we have coaching calls and presentations to watch all showcasing the actual journey that actual successful people have taken in their entrepreneurial lives.

Russell Brunson himself shares his life story with us. All the ups and downs of his journey in business and let me tell you, it was very inspiring and it wasn't easy for him.

Steph Larson, another one of our teachers, talks to us about his journey as well, as a high school "Failure" that was mercy graduated, failed out of college, then re-entered years later to graduate. Both have launched multiple successful funnels that have generated 6-7 figures.

I've noticed that every one of the teachers and speakers has a unique story with one common thread:

They weren't set up for greatness..

Success wasn't just something handed to them...

There were a lot of bad days, with no money and no hope. But...they didn't quit. They pressed on and found their way out of the mud. All by creating and scaling online businesses. Now they are owners of their destinies and masters of their universes.

This is something that is attainable for all of us.

I really need you guys to understand this: We are not exceptions to the rule. Trust me. Even I feel that way sometimes. That, "Oh it'll never work for me...this is a waste of money. It's a scam and I'll get ripped off...I'll just wait for the right opportunity."

I've Decided....IT'S TIME.

It's time to rid myself of these excuses and upgrade my mindset so I can upgrade my life. The acting career is not gonna happen by me just waiting and HOPING something happens.


Your career is not going to flourish by you hoping and waiting either.

In the past week of this challenge, One truth has really stuck with me:

Fear is not your enemy. It's actually your friend...What you are afraid of is actually what you should be running towards, not running away from. If you can dance hand in hand with fear, there really is no limit to your potential.


I challenge you to admit that you're afraid. Admit that you've been running away from fear for far too long. Admit to yourself that it's time to change. Admit to yourself something you know deep down inside you to be true: YOU. CAN. DO. THIS.

If you really dig deep and believe in that truth, then I know you'll accept this challenge.

Take the One Funnel Away Challenge with me and let's take control of our freakin lives together. I promise you...You won't regret it. The only thing you will regret is letting your life pass you by and standing around having done nothing about it.

So Click Here to Take the One Funnel Away Challenge and take more ownership of your life!


As Always,

Happy Investing,

The Layman Investor.

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