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I wanted to take the next couple of weeks and give you guys an in-depth look at the One Funnel Away Challenge for two reasons:

1. I want you guys to know exactly what you will get for the $100 investment and my goal is to illuminate to you the incredible value that your getting for your money. There are so many nuggets of wisdom that I am taking away and want/will share with you.

2. In doing so, I hope that you'll see why I am so passionate about this challenge and WHY it's so IMPERATIVE to take yourself if you want to continue becoming an owner of your money.

Guys, I'm not here for any quick bucks. I'm a long term investor and the only way to make money for the long term is to invest in assets, courses, and books of VALUE. And that's what this challenge is.

So, shifting gears.

Week 2 was all about OFFER CREATION.

This is the biggest, most important part of a sales funnel (if you need a refresher on what a sales funnel is, click here).

Why is the offer the most important part? Because it's what you're asking your clients and customers to buy and pay YOU with their hard earned money and if your offer sucks then you've got no shot at surviving. So, the offer, or offers are the first thing we tackle in the challenge.

Now, here's something so KEY that I learned. MAJOR KEY ALERT!!!

There is a difference between products and offers. Wait, what? I'll say it again. There is a DIFFERENCE between products and offers and what we want to give to our customers are offers, not just products.

I think an example would help, and I'll share one with you all that's inspired from the challenge.

Let's play out a little hypothetical situation here:

Let's say you're trying to create a fashion brand in the fitness niche. You sell amazing sports gear for athletes and are really passionate about giving them products that will enhance their performance in the sport and look stylish doing it.

Let's also say that I want to sell you my iPhone and I'm going to sell you my iPhone for $5000. That's basically 5x the normal retail price, but here's the difference when you buy from me instead of the other retailers.

Here's the thing...I know influencers. In fact I know some of the top influencers in the sports/athletics niche that are actually good friends of mine. There's ten of them and they each have at least 1 million followers . I have their contact info on my phone and I've worked out a deal with them to give you free brand awareness for a year. Usually they each charge on average $10k for branded sponsorships and you'll get it for free when you buy my phone.

Not only that, I myself am launching e-commerce stores and I've taken some great classes through ClickFunnels to learn all the ins and outs of the process.

I have a subscription to their best copy writing software called Funnel Scripts that will allow you to write out all your sales copy, marketing copy, webinar copy, video scripts, headlines in less than 30 seconds (Btw Sales Copy is the second MOST important thing when building a successful sales funnel)

I ALSO have access to their Traffic Secrets software that will give you 125 different sources of traffic that you can use to generate leads and customers for your business. After all, if you don't have any traffic you've got no business.

These courses and softwares have costed me $6k and I'll give you a years worth of access to these products when you buy my phone.

Not only that! You'll also get Russell Brunson's trilogy of books and ebooks on Online business, generating traffic, and creating amazing funnels. These books really compliment the courses and can help give you even more context with sales funneling. This trilogy set retails for $127, but you'll get the e-book and audio version when you buy my phone.

Also, a really good friend of mine is in the e-commerce space, very similar to you, and he took his business that started in his apt. to a 7 figure business in a year. I interviewed him recently and picked his brain for 2 HOURS about all the challenges he faced, what worked, what didn't, and what pitfalls future entrepreneurs need to avoid.

He also teaches a masterclass on his experience and how to scale an online business that usually retails at $997. When you buy my phone you'll get both the interview and the master class!

So just to recap on the offer that I'm giving you when you purchase my iPhone:

  1. Contact info and free year's worth of brand promotion from 10 fitness influencers ($100,000 value)

  2. ClickFunnels Courses on Online Business along with One year of Funnel Scripts and Traffic Secrets Subscription ($6,000 Value)

  3. Russell Brunson's E-book Trilogy + Audio ($127 Value)

  4. Interview + MasterClass for Scaling E-Com Business ($997 Value)

That is a $107,124 Value that You will get from me when you buy my iPhone for $5000.

Now, if you could just put yourself in the shoes of this person who's looking to launch a Sports Apparel Brand, would you take that offer?

Of course you would!!! Even if you didn't have the money you'd hustle to figure out a way to raise the money to get my iPhone so you could scale your business to 7 figures in a year!

Now I want to state obvious here in that all the offers you make you HAVE TO DELIVER ON! Duh! We're not here to rip people off and steal their money. We're here to do HONEST business, but you see how you don't have to worry about having the lowest prices in town to compete with other retailers if you focus on giving away amazing offers.

The way you differentiate yourself in the market is not with Logo's, Brand, or's primarily with killer OFFERS. If you have the best offers in town, then you don't really have to worry about lowering your prices. In fact, another golden nugget from this week. Actually two:

1.No matter how cool your product is, it's not unique to the market. No matter how much you think it is, it's most likely not. Someone else is probably doing it somewhere else in the market

2. There is NO advantage to having the SECOND lowest prices in town. You won't win in business that way.


Guys...This is the next step in our learning process. To learn and model ourselves after people that have done it and are currently doing it. This is how education should work. You pay money, learn evergreen skills, implement as you're learning, and walk out of the course making money.

I'm putting this out there right now. My $100 investment should come back conservatively 10x back into my wallet. I should easily make $1000. That's conservative. I actually expect more...a lot more, but the point I'm making is this:

For every dollar you spend on education you should almost immediately be able to make it back and then some. That's how you know the education is valuable and that's how I know the One Funnel Away Challenge is the best $100 investment I've made and why I am challenging you to make it too.

It's not just for the sake of making more money, but for the sake of having more freedom. You should be a full on owner in your life so that you can do the things with the people you love when YOU want. Not when your BOSS allows it. You should be able to OWN your income instead of worrying about whether or not your COMPANY is going to lay you off.'s there for the taking. I'm telling you. It truly is and as I learn more about anything regarding money, it's my responsibility to pass it on to you and for you to someone else. We must create more positive feedback loops than negative feedback loops if we're gonna live on this planet together in harmony. This challenge is changing my life and I have a strong feeling it will change yours.

So...I Challenge you to the One Funnel Away Challenge and so that you can become the Kings and Queens of your lives.

Click here to join the challenge!

As always, happy investing and NOW happy sales funneling.

The Layman Investor

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