WTF Is A Sales Funnel?!?!

In this week of the One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA) we finally start building our sales funnels. Last week we talked about the importance of story and getting vulnerable. I had a chance to share mine with you all, which was a lot of fun and an important step moving forward in my own personal journey. The week before that we talked about the importance of creating offers for your customers and clients instead of just offering products. Remember the iPhone example, where I could sell you my iPhone for $5000, almost 5x the actual price of an iPhone from any other retailer?

This week we put all of it together and we finally get into ClickFunnels and start building the funnel. This, as far as my experience goes with the challenge, is the most tedious since we're learning a very new skill that gets a little more technical. There's a lot of starting and stopping and building my funnel may actually take a couple of extra days. The coaches on the program literally walk you step by step of how to build the funnel. It's awesome.

They tell you how to customize, how to integrate your emails with the funnel so you can deliver your digital products, etc. This is definitely where all the hard work of the previous three weeks is coming together. It's all very scary and exciting at the same time to be honest! I can't wait to launch the new Merch through this funnel!

Now, since this week is all about building a sales funnel, I wanted to go over again what a sales funnel actually is. A reminder always helps as repetition is the mother of all success.

A sales funnel is different than a website. A website is the equivalent of handing out brochures hoping people come and buy from your store. And IF they do buy, you're hoping they buy multiple things. And then when they finish buying you HOPE they come back for more. You see how with a website you're essentially hoping that customers do what you want, which is pay you money for your hard work.

With a sales funnel, it's slightly different and can be potentially MUCH more effective. Think of a sales funnel as your best salesman (in most cases YOU) interacting with your customers in a much more personal way and walking them through a sales process showing them all the offers at the table. Your customers don't have to take all the offers you have, but they'll definitely be more likely when you give them a more personal touch to the buying experience. Remember, when we buy things, we buy emotionally and justify later logically.

With a sales funnel, I can have a video play on an offer page of me telling you my story and how it's tied to the offer I'm selling you. So you get me in front of you virtually, which helps you understand exactly what you're getting and why it's valuable. There's no guessing involved. Any objections or negative feelings you may have I can make sure I talk about in the sales video playing on the page.

Now in order to successfully do that I have to really put myself in your shoes, my customer, and think of all the reasons why you wouldn't buy. I have to really understand your perspective and make sure that I'm making offers that are going to help you tackle your fears and get you over your own objections. Using a sales funnel to sell your offers really forces you as the owner to put your customers first. It forces you to think about all of their needs, fears, objections first before just focusing solely on making money. A sales funnel is really a CUSTOMER first experience.

I think a visual representation of a sales funnel would help for sure, so that you get a better idea of what your building and what your customers will see. The funnel that we are building in the OFA challenge is called a Two-Step Trip Wire Funnel. In this page we will be creating and designing Three main pages: Squeeze Page, Sales Page, One Time Offer Page.

Here's a visual of what it can look like:

The Squeeze page will usually have a free offer, something really juicy like a free guide, or free ebook. It could even be a hardcover book that's free, but the customer just covers the shipping and handling. The customer will just put in their email address and that's it.

Then they get sent to the next page, which is a sales page. Here is where you tell your story and why you're making the offer you're making. The origin story can be shared through a video or through text. Here's is where you will list your next offer where you're giving a lot of bang for your customer's buck. An example of offers on this page could be a digital course you have with audio's and videos. You can even add bonuses for free which make the offer even more valuable!

After that, the customer will get sent to the last page, which is usually a One Time Offer. This is usually the most expensive offer. Again you will have a sales video telling a story behind the offer and why it's valuable to your customers. An example of offers you can make on this page would be consultations, one-on-one coaching, etc.

And after the OTO page, comes the "Thank You For Shopping" Page.

So, when you compare selling through a funnel as opposed to a website, it's much more personal and catered to your dream customers.

THIS is how you sell online and these skills are super important to learn. When you hear people that make tons of money online, scaling businesses to 6-7 figures, they most likely have a funnel working for them with a personalized sales experience for their dream customers.

That's the beauty of a sales funnel and why I'm so grateful that I took the chance to invest in this 30 day challenge. Just from an educational perspective the challenge has been so worthwhile. I'd love to see you guys in the challenge and let me know how it works for you all and what you're learning!! Feel free to drop a comment on Social or here below.

As always Happy Investing, and Happy Funneling

The Layman Investor

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